Occasionally Asked Questions

How Much Do You Charge? 

I charge $30 an hour. That’s payable through PayPal, Veno or Cash. Since I work as a freelancer, you are not obligated to pay taxes or provide benefits.

For clearly defined projects, such as writing a specific amount of web content or a set number of articles, I can provide a quote in advance.

Where are You Located?

New York City. However, I’m always accessible via Skype and I’ve found that the distance does not prevent me from keeping in contact with clients and providing high quality work.

What Do You Have the Most Experience Writing?

A majority of what I’ve written so far in my career are SEO articles and website content.

Do You Specialize in a Particular Niche?

In the course of my career I’ve written about dozens of topics. From dental supplies to solar panels. However, the three areas that I truly specialize in are psychology, self-help, and marketing. I’ve written more content in those three areas than everywhere else combined.

Do You Have any Client Testimonials?

Sure thing, just check out my homepage. A common theme you’ll notice is that my clients find me very easy to work with and also very available via email. I reply to messages within 24 hours.

Can I See Examples of Your Work?

You can check out my portfolio here, which features some of my work. Unfortunately, I’ve had to sign NDAs for some of my larger projects and I can’t share them publicly yet. However, you can get a good feeling for my writing style by visiting my personal blog or my latest project: www.Moonheadman.com

I’ve Never Worked With Someone Without Meeting Them in Person, How Does that Work?

Of my dozens of clients I’ve only ever met a handful in person. This situation works because I’m quick to respond to emails, I can talk on Skype, and I’m good at my job. I’ve worked with clients who have never hired online before, and they’ve become lifelong believers in it after just a few weeks.

What’s the First Step In Consulting About a Project? 

Just click on over to my contact page, fill out the form, and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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